Illuvium Launch Report 2022 | 10k Price Prediction Analysis & In Depth Pros vs Cons Review

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Illuvium Launch Report 2022 | 10k Price Prediction Analysis & In Depth Pros vs Cons Review

In theory, Illuvium seems promising. There is a clear path for the development of the Illuvial economy and a progression and rarity tree for the collectibles. Using Unreal Engine 4, 3D exploration and auto battler combat should work well together. Nevertheless, the team has very little experience in game development and there is not much footage available, and the project is already delayed.

Welcome to one of the best and most anticipated blockchain-based adventure games where hunters become the hunted. It is an RPG-based game that presents a vast landscape full of deity-like creatures called IIIuvials. What a shattered land full of odd but interesting treasure hunts. IIIuvium was designed on an ethereum blockchain foundation, so gamers can actually relate more to its gameplay. Get a chance to win $ILV and become part and parcel of a broad community where everyone is part of governance and decision making of the game.

IIIuvium is one exciting game where your goal is to defeat opponents or illuvials every time. It all really takes off when you defeat other IIIuvials, you get to take them as rewards, absorb their energy or power, and then evolve. It is a very interesting and fascinating crypto-based game especially for those who are interested in crypto play to earn arena.

Their NFTs do not disappoint, their fine integration with the ever fantastic Immutable X. Check out exciting transactions and instant transactions. The more Illuvials you collect the more NFTs you hold. More detailed information to follow in this review.

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Illuvium overview

IIIuvium is full of fantasy, an open world full of battle gaming experience. As we have mentioned earlier, this game is set up on ethereum blockchain operation. IIIuvium is a double punch really, entertainment and profit bundled together in a cryptic world. All hardcore DeFi gaming fanatics have been anticipating the launch of this new metaverse. There are many ways of collecting treasure let alone trading it. What are these IIIuvials?

Well, these are deity like creatures, totally basing their storyline on a desolate forgotten planet of ETH that appears to have been destroyed beyond repair. They have spectacular abilities of energy absorption. As you make your way through the planet ETH, you get to battle with other IIIuvials and when you succeed, you control them. Adventures are automated, this means that as soon as players conquer other IIIuvials or opponents they get to claim their energy and power.

If you are an avid explorer who is well vested on conquering and outsmarting during campaigns, IIIuvium is a great choice for you. Since 2020, IIIuvium has been creating huge buzz with crypto-based gamers. There is always an elite team in every game and in this respect check out the ‘Worldwide’ team which has a total of 40 participants. This is the top class of players. They have amassed a lot of experience and expertise on how to play IIIuvium. It’s not only the A team but many co-founders of rated crypto-based games, gaming enthusiasts and game designers have also been calling the shots.

Not to worry, this does not mean the game is all in all selective, if you are a newbie make sure that you grasp major steps and tips and we believe this game will still be fun and hopefully monetizing for all. This is a digital community that encompasses gamers from around the world. $ILV is the major token and players will be rewarded when they win. Check out the IIIuvium vault, an open platform which allows games to participate fully into governance. IIIuvium was made for gamers so that they can enjoy it and be part of the decision making process. There is so much guarantee from DAO fusion.

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Affinities are bearers of the mysterious world of battling IIIuvilas. Just like Dragons, there is a myth of monsters that have control over the forces of nature. In total, there are 5 affinities.

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Nature

However, even though we enlisted them in singular fashion, gamers have a chance to fuse them in order to come up with more powerful forces. Firstly, Air + Water gives Frost. Frost is a more powerful tool which can be used to give that final blow. There is Fire + Fire which creates Inferno. Inferno is very destructive, total annihilation. But you can not use it very often because it can affect your life in the game. If you want a bit of variation, something strong and more inclined to nature, select Nature + Nature = Archeleon. Affinities require a mash-up, mixing them could have better results at every battle. Point is mixing and matching these forces can increase a players chances at winning their battles.


Just like Affinities, there are 5 sections. Each and every gamer has access to them and they are easy combinations also.

  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Psion
  • Guardian
  • Empath

Remember mixing and matching, Psion+ Psion would give you an Invoker. Respect this fusion, it is very strong and has a better advantage as compared to other offers. Be on the lookout for Slayer, a perfectly diminutive combination of Fighter and Rogue. As you are drafting your team, make sure you choose your IIIuvials with these classes in mind. Assign every class to the IIIuvial depending on the abilities of each IIIuvial. Seems pretty complicated but it is very simple when you try it out on the battleground.

The Illuviary

As soon as your crash land on the almanac, you will see an emblem named ‘IIIuviary’. It looks very similar, it’s as if someone you know has been here. Check inside and then you shall come across an index set for each and every IIIuvial but in locked mode. The best way to unlock is capture and use specific IIIuvials matching those locked in the index set. Now you just have to go and puzzle what you have captured on what is locked, the latter being the key. It gets exciting when you become the first person to unlock index IIIuvial. You get to have your name inscribed as an act of honor, everyone will see your inscriptions. Your digital signatory will forever be viewed by everyone who shall take part in IIIuvial battle stations. We hope that you find pleasure in this wonder-filled IIIuvium gaming world.


Adventure is very exciting, even in the real world you get to move around from one place to another looking for treasure or new experiences. In this case, IIIuvium presents an adventure from one world to another, conquering IIIuvials, acquiring their energy, and evolving into more powerful beings.

It is very fascinating because different worlds have different background graphical dimensions and themes. The basic rule when beginning an adventure is to make sure that you come back differently. Developers designed adventures and expeditions in such a way that you are able to outsmart your challenge and think outside of the box.

Battle Arenas

Check out Ranked Arena. Ranked Arena is very fair because you get to be matched by another opponent who has the same abilities as you. It is a sweet win really because you know that it was a square-square match. If you want a bit of diversity with spectators, choose the Leviathan Arena. It is very competitive because other digital gamers wage and spectate.

Mining and Harvesting

Remember that different planets or landscapes have different treasures. Chief among these treasures are gemstones. They are very rare and scarce so if you mine one, keep it safe. Every planet’s surface has various minerals that are very lucrative. Yielding precious stones is good in times of combat because you can attach them to your weaponry. Also these stones can be bought and sold in the Illuvidex so they even have monetary value.


Shards are the most vital features in the world of IIIuvium. They are the only way of capturing IIIuvials. It’s recommended that you combat yourself with captured IIIuvials before you gear up for competitive planets. The best way possible is to mine them and store them. As long as you encounter a lucrative and powerful IIIuvial, that’s your ticket to a successful capture.

Always remember that every planet has strong IIIuvials. Shards are there to strengthen you in combat. The most rare IIIuvials are the most powerful but to find them is very difficult considering the fact that treasure hunt is random. You do not know what to expect when you mine. Check out the IIIuviDEX, a prolific marketplace where people will be selling powerful shards among other item for the game.


Weapons are very necessary in battle. When selecting weapons, make sure you look for those compatible with your fighter. How do you wield power on your weapons? One of the best way to go about increasing any weapons force is by fusing gemstones into your weaponry. If you have rare gemstones or shards in your storage pack, you have that advantage for better odds in a battle. You can also check IIIuviDEX if you want more powerful weapons of mass destruction.


It is recommended that your fighter be guarded always because many opponents will be heavily armored. If you are damaged, wait for a moment to regenerate and return to the original state. Check out IIIuviDEX, where you can find efficient armor. Look for suits that have a universal defense mechanism, so that on every planet you are protected.


With such an odd name you would be expecting something complicated. But really because these are simply value additions. They were fused into the game by developers as a way to apply value to IIIuvials. Tailored in modular format, gamers can actually supply multiple items. Check out IIIuviDEX to obtain and sell imbues.


Gameplay is pretty simple if you grasp the basics and important steps and features. We have listed some of the feature steps that should be followed by every player.

  • Create a character of your choice (one with your exact features)
  • Opt PSD (Polymorphic Subordinate Drone)
  • Check out your character efficient and then delve into the battleground
  • When you encounter an IIIuvial (opponent), fight hard, subdue, and conquer.
  • Use shards and various power enhancement features ( Take note: Shards have different power levels).
  • Mine free shards if you are a newbie
  • Experience is important, learn all the gaming mechanics by battling with many IIIuvials
  • Explore as many planets as possible (good for power enhancements)
  • At later stages of the game, unlock Obelisks (keys to beautiful planets)
  • Obelisks give more challenges and also more treasure


Blockchain technology allows IIIuvium’s prospective players are in for an efficient gaming technology with instantaneous transition and fast dictations.

Game Engine

4.26 engine is one of the best there is on the market. Comes with a C++ model which is able to execute tough gaming computations. C++ is the base of the gaming simulation. It dictates directions to the gaming engine in a matter of milliseconds.

Cinematic Mode

Cinematic mode is top-notch. Even on computers with poor graphic cards, they can rest assured of wonderful and explicit game visuals, let alone clear imagery.

The Overworld

Always remember that IIIuvium is an amalgamation of different level of gaming designers. This means that every gaming planet or landscape has its unique design depending on the specific thematic approach of the designer. Planet’s cinematic feel is responsible for giving that explicit rendered farming feature, data computations, and massive graphic designs.


Looking at the backend feature, all thanks go to Iaas and PaaS, not forgetting Amazon Web Services. They joined efforts to offer core backend services to every gamer involved. Lambda is the origin of all backend services. For primary mechanics, check out DynamoDB. Looking at the backend feature, all thanks go to Iaas and PaaS, not forgetting Amazon Web Services. They joined efforts to offer core backend services to every gamer involved. Lambda is the origin of all backend services. For primary mechanics, check out DynamoDB. Extra security and safety for AWS Hub comes from CloudWatch, GuardDuty, Inspector, and Detective.

ILV token

The $ILV token is usable in the IIIuvium ecosystem. It is the major token used when getting rewards for in-game achievement and others have also used it to share assets in IIIuvium vaults. Thanks to DAO, IIIuvium players can now use $ILV to transfer from one participant to another. A perfect tool to use during governance, so $ILV holders have a say in what is happening in the gaming environment.

As you hold your tokens for a while, you gain the privilege of protocol staking. Protocol stakes allow gamers to receive meaningful in-game purchases.

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ILV is currently valued at $450.45 according to a recent market check. It is expected that value will shift significantly. According to a recent official analysis of the ILV price tag, an investment of 3.1 out of 10 will result in a gain of +9.5%. That means the new balance stands at $493.23.  You can view the market cap to check updated ranking and value.

Price Prediction

Conservative models for the fourth quarter show the most significant changes in the value of the cryptocurrency are expected to come in the last quarter of 2022. ILV is anticipated to cross the $1000 threshold and enter the big leagues. As a result, the minimum value of ILV is expected to be $841, while the maximum price of Illuvium is anticipated to be $1,115. The end of the year will become a milestone for the cryptocurrency as the average price of the cryptocurrency reaches $1,015.

2026 will be a splendid year for Illuvium as the price appears to cross the $4000 mark. As a result, the average price of Illuvium (ILV) might be $4,016.On the contrary, the maximum price of ILV could be up to $5,100 in 2026, touching the new highs. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the market could potentially fall on the downside, which is normal for cryptocurrency markets. So, our forecast suggests that the minimum price of ILV in 2026 might be $3,974.

Long range price predictions estimate that yes, eventually, the price of ILV will reach $10,000 in a few years. However, it doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. ILV may reach $10,000 around 6 or 7 years from now.

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Staking Illuvium is a pretty easy processes in the gaming system. Remember, staking is compatible with $ILV and $ETH models.

How to Stake ILV

  • Reach out for, look at the far right side of your screen and opt ‘click your wallet’. Make sure you select your ILV wallet of choice.
  • Make sure that you are connected perfectly. Select ‘stake’ and opt for your pool of choice. Make sure that you approve everything for verification
  • opt ‘stake’ when you have chosen your pool
  • to select flexible (you get no multiplier rewards) or locked (pool weight is increased by 2x). Add the amount you have divided to stake and opt ‘stake’
  • check out the meta mask. Evaluate your transaction to correct, if available, any mishaps. opt ‘confirm’ to transfer your transaction to the blockchain.
  • choose the reward payment mode. select the corresponding button. Remember, rewards claimed in $ILV mode are guaranteed to 12 months lockdown while sILV is fast and instant.
  • check out meta mask. Evaluate and all the available gas fees in ETH. Select ‘confirm’ to transfer blockchain. Be patient.
  • Opt for the Vesting tab and see various deposit rewards. After that, cash out your rewards

The Illuvium exchange is an online marketplace, governed by the Illuvium DAO, for players to buy and sell all in-game NFTs. The major component of the IlluviDEX is the trading of Illuvials, but all NFTs found in the game can be traded there.

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How to play and get tokens

Illuviums exciting blockchain cyrpto gaming experience is also fairly straight forward concept. Clinching tokens is one of the easiest processes one can go through. Thanks to game developers, gamers can download an official IIIuvium application compatible with desktop, smartphones, and table software packages.

You are able to yield results and farm perfectly on DeFi decentralized platform. Access to a decentralized exchange platform is also easy. It is all about defeating your immediate opponent if you want to get some meaningful results. Get efficient weapons, protect yourself with good armor to evolve into a powerful fighter. Collect IIIuvials and absorb their energy.

Remember, IIIuvium based on rarity, desirability, and utility. Once again, respect these classes (Empath, Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, and Psion) and these affinities (Air, Earth, Fire, Nature, and Water). These two features have different combative aspects. Utilize them well to get destructive forces. If you combine specific features, for example, inferno (fire+fire), you can equip your fighters with speed, precision, attack, and savagery.

You get to be strong and capable of huge wins. It is only a matter of time before you ascend to become this special fighter who can defeat almost anything. Remember that IIIuviDEX is there for everyone, access it if looking for powerful IIIuvials. You can actually trade yours. We promise gamers that IIIuvium will experience huge revenue inflows in the coming phases. Many gaming fanatics are actually showing a lot of appreciation.

What makes Illuvium unique?

Below we detail some of the features that make IIIuvium a unique and specific game.

  • Has a 3D gaming expression that is fresh, new, and exciting unlike many other gaming offers
  • Has over 100 IIIuvial selections with different features and combative features
  • Has specific and unique based designers (no shared themes).
  • IIIuvium has a big budget balance
  • Has encompassed AAA titles and blockchain-enabled games

Looking at AAA titles, these are :

Layer-2 Integration

Layer-2 Integration is all about X (IMX) which are two-layered solutions tailored by developers to scale applications. Application scaling is meant to achieve NFT functionality. Players and gamers have a chance to mint NFTs by leveraging X (IMX). Not only that, but players also have an opportunity to keep their assets through IMX.

The IlluviDEX

Welcome your ultimate decentralized exchange platform. If you are looking for various rare items and IIIuvials, reach out for IIIuviDEX. It is safe, has perfect security cores so there is no need to worry about scams. Take note: a 5% fee is charged on every sale you make into rewards pools.

Yield Farming

With a total of 3 million ILV, which is equivalent to 30% of the maximum supply (10 million). These can be successfully distributed in 3 years.



  • Infinite scaling is highly achievable
  • Has maximum security damages as compared to other crypto-based games
  • Operational costs are very low, almost free
  • Graphic design and top-notch, a delve into another dimension of crypto gaming.
  • AAA titles are available and accessible
  • 100% of revenue goes back to the community
  • Room for expansion and spin offs


  •  ILV price is going up at a fast pace, raises alarms to prospective gamers
  • With Illuviums popularity it is also a target for scammers and hacks and has experienced both
  • Game delay likely
  • Novice development team
  • Pitches based on concept art

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Q: What are Illuvials?

Illuvials are mystery driven, fantasy, monster, and desolated planet-based creature. They are designed in a fun but odd way. In total, there are 100 of them and they are designed by specific designers. They are all different and there is no sharing of abilities or basic combative features. From planet to planet, you get to fight different armored IIIuvials.

Thanks to developers who attached a unique feature called synergies. This means that your IIIuvial is able to absorb power and strength from a defeated IIIuvial. Through the use of HSS (Hybrid Synergy System), gamers can enter into Battle Arena or collect synergistic pairs to obtain more power and vigor.

Q: How to earn money with Illuvium?

You can sell your precious items (shards, gemstones, IIIuvials) on IIIuviDEX to get lucrative $ILV tokens. You can also sell off treasure islands where you store your clinched treasure.

Q: Is Illuvium a scam?

No, IIIuvium is perfectly guarded by NFT security protocols and blockchain security measures. Even IIIuviDEX market place has strict security protocol.


Illuvium crypto game is for everyone and adventurous gaming fanatics out there are definitely anticipating this launch. It is a perfect 3D gaming system that has left many gamers across the world ready to see all the lands and worlds to visit and explore. Take time to delve into the mysterious, fantasy-driven, and ever combative world of IIIuvials.

Experience is the best teacher. Explore as many planets as possible to become an experienced fighter. Luckily for new players, you start on a 3 IIIuvial tag and then you build from there.


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