NEW SOS Amazonia Earn to Play Blockchain Game Brings Awareness to Deforestation & Adverse Effect on the Biome | Breakout Green NFT?

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Climate change affects us all, SOS is doing its part to spread awareness and build a block chain game to financially benefit its players as well.  Buy and trade NFTs, build a habitat all from your mobile device.

The Amazon basin in Brazil is home to one of the largest rainforests in the world occupying over 49.29% of its territory. Deforestation and forest fires have, unfortunately, had a very adverse effect on this biome. This has made it another contributing factor towards larger climate change around the planet.

One of the ways with which people around the world can do something for this cause includes replanting the deforested areas and taking care of its vegetation. They can also prevent fires and preserve the native species of this region, especially the endangered ones. One of the blockchain-based platforms that is doing its share for this cause while also making it easy for its users to get rewarded is SOS Amazonia.

SOS Amazonia is a Play-to-earn platform that allows its users to take care of their own Amazon, animals, habitats, and trees. The platform aims to combine real-world elements that are present in the Amazon Biome along with NFTs.

SOS Amazonia’s mission is to raise awareness about the problems of the Brazilian Biome through their play-to-win system focusing on the profitability of their players.

The platform will have several game modes including staking, farming, and mini-games. All trees and animals in the game, along with the habitats can be sold and bought on the ‘Marketplace Amazon’.

The team wants to focus on mobile devices in order to give users the ease of playing anywhere, anytime just with an internet connection.

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The SOS marketplace

Amazon Marketplace is the place that allows all users to buy and sell NFTs in the game. In addition, users can get to see premium NFTs from unique collections and other products which would open up for the community later. Some of the key features in the marketplace include:

  • NFT: NFTs in the SOS Amazonia game would include Habitats, Trees and Animals, each with a different degree of rarity.
  • Habitats: Habitats are NFTs that represent fictitious territories of the Amazon Biome. It has various features and use cases throughout the game, however, initially, it would be needed for the Stake game mode.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles are pieces that form an NFT when joined, players also get to earn in-game rewards and buy and sell them in the marketplace.

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Varying game modes

The platform has 3 major game modes. These are:

  • Stake mode: The Stake mode allows users who have NFT Habitat to take part in various forms of STAKE that appear throughout the game. The rewards for this mode range from Puzzles, NFTs, and SOS Amazon tokens. Users who buy the initial offer of Habitats get to take part in this game mode called the ‘Farm Zero’.
  • Farm one mode: Players who own 1 NFT tree can participate in this game mode. Here, they would have to supply H2O and CO2 to the Mother tree so that it can carry out photosynthesis. They also have to protect the mother tree from any predators who can slow down the photosynthesis process. This will help them get rewarded with the Green coin.
  • Mini-game mode: To take part in the mini-games mode, users will need Animal NFTs. This mode will have a lot of mini-games such as fishing, hunting, race, and catching the shock.

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The SOS Amazonia token has a total supply of 200,000,000 with a 34% share set aside for the public sale. Another 25% has been reserved for the presale, whereas a 20% share is for the play-to-earn. A 10% share is for the development team while a 6% share is for the smart contract migration. The remaining 5% is reserved for the stake reward.

Green Coin is the non-tokenized currency of the platform and is used for running the entire internal ecosystem. It is used in the photosynthesis of the trees in the game, purchasing items, accessing special events, and also for conversion to the SOS Amazonia token.

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Final word

SOS Amazonia gives users an innovative way of doing their share on the issue of climate change. The platform intends to combine real-world elements and NFTs revolutionizing the space for everyone.

The game has 3 different modes that will make it interesting for users to play and get rewarded in different scenarios. The platform also gives a 2% share of the SOS Amazonia token transactions to its token holders. This gives users a chance to make a passive income by just holding their own tokens. Another part of the transaction fees goes to preparing projects against deforestation in Amazon in partnerships with institutions in the area.

SOS Amazonia’s presale is live and users can buy the tokens on the website.

For more information on SOS Amazonia, please check out their official website and their Telegram. The presale can be accessed here.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.


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